Certified onsite Data Destruction

Secure On-Site Hard Drive Shredding Services

Secure On-Site Hard Drive & Data  Destruction Shredding Services

STS Recycling LLC offers secure onsite Hard Drive & Data Destruction for corporate clients throughout Massachusetts and the surrounding Eastern States.

Using our State of The Art AmeriShred AMS-150 HD Mechanical Shredder and new Mobile Shredding Truck, We are able to perform secure  data destruction right on your loading dock or parking lot.

The AMS-150HD Mechanical Shredder is able to process 90 to 100 Hard Drives Per Hour with a 3/4″ Shred Width.

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1.We Come to you!

We will come to your corporate location in to record and mechanically shred your hard drives or other electronic media.

2. A Full Inventory is Taken

All electronic media received for destruction  is counted with our client, bar code scanned and serial numbers are collected for your records.

3. Supervised Destruction

Data destruction will take place under the supervision of your staff. We can work on your loading dock in one of our trucks or our  smaller mobile unit can be wheeled into a conference room or office within your client space.

4. Serialized Destruction Report is provided

Once the shredding process has been completed, our clients are provided with a USB thumb drive and certificate with each of their hard drives serial numbers recorded and categorized.

5. Verify & Dispose

All Shredded electronic media is processed through a certified R2 Sort Facility. All metal material is smelted, recovered and recycled.

6. Certificate of Recycle

All Clients are provided with an authorized certificate of recycle and all destroyed media is collected, refined and  properly recycled.

If your Massachusetts business is in need of off site or on site hard-drive and electronic media destruction, don’t take the risk of handing over your Data to an off-site third party. Instead call STS Recycling at 617-835-3208, and we will come to you ,destroy your hard-drive and provide you with a certificate of destruction giving you peace of mind knowing that the data was destroyed and confirmed.



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