Campus Wide Recycling Events

E-Waste Collection Events for Office Parks

Property & Building managers can partner with Surplus Technology Solutions to schedule an on-site electronic waste collection day for the convenience of your tenants. We can provide logistical support for single-day collection events or bins to collect equipment on an ongoing basis. We also offer tenant by tenant services. This no-cost recycling service is a great benefit to offer tenants and allows property managers to demonstrate their environmental stewardship to the local community.

Surplus Technology Solutions can provide the following options:

Turn-key electronic waste collection event management – Surplus Technology Solutioins can offer our experience, flyer design, event planning support and consultation services to make your event a success.

Certified E-Waste Recycling – Surplus Technology Solutions provides formalized certificates of destruction to confirm our responsible recycling activities and procedures, which may include issuing itemized Certificates of Recycling for each load we receive and process.

On-Site Data Destruction – Surplus Technology Solutions now offers onsite Hard Drive Destruction using our brand new portable NSA Certified MediaVise Compact NSAHDD Crusher. We can service tenants on an individualized basis, or can bring our portable device and shred drives right at your loading dock.

IT Asset Recovery – Surplus Technology Solutions works with both property managers and tenants to repurchase viable office electronics, telephone systems, network equipment and more . We offer complete office liquidation services, should a tenant have a need do vacate an office location and have viable equipment to sell vs. recycle.

Some facts about electronic waste in the United States:

  • Electronic waste is the fastest growing municipal waste stream.
  • Twenty to 50 million metric tons of electronic waste are disposed of worldwide each year.
  • Recycling metals from electronic waste uses a fraction of the energy needed to mine new metals.


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