Turn Spring Cleaning Into Spring Recycling

Spring time and the famous activity that comes with it are just around the corner. Regardless of the amount of snow left on the grounds of Boston, people everywhere will be scrounging through closets and packed full draws, returning fitting clothing to their bedroom and trashing as much as they could possibly part with.
Don’t trash it all! When it comes to slightly used or out-dated electronics, there is a better way to part with them then the trash. Surplus Technology Solutions, for one, collects e-waste from both commercial and residential customers so it can be properly recycled without allowing hazardous materials to enter the environment.
You can drop off e-waste right at our facility in Wilmington, MA. We are also happy to pick-up electronic recyclables from companies in Boston, New Hampshire & Rhode Island. Our trained staff ensures that all materials are recycled in an environmentally safe and responsible manner. All you have to do is keep such products out of your trash can!

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