IT Asset Recovery Services

IT Asset Recovery Services are available to companies who have excess technology assets which still hold market value. This is a great way to get cash for electronics vs. recycling them.

Our experts will visit your location ready to inventory your assets and help you better determine viable electronics vs. e-waste and to help you  manage your technology life cycle. Once your information is gathered and reviewed an offer will be made to purchase your viable equipment.

Asset recovery is a process that allows Surplus Technology Solutions to pickup, refurbish and resell your assets and pay you a predetermined amount for these items . We will also remove and recycle any  e-waste recyclable that may be on location  at no charge to you.   Occasionally there are situations when the exact value of your asset isn’t known at the time you want to dispose of it or the value might actually be greater at a later time. These are times when consignment makes more sense that a purchase bid.

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