IT Asset Recovery & Computer Liquidation Services

Is your company in need of liquidating corporate IT Assets including computers, laptops, voice, network and general office equipment ?

Lifecycles for IT assets like computers and network equipment are shortening, and as companies become increasingly reliant on cutting-edge technologies to maintain an edge on the competition, turning over IT assets on a frequent basis is crucial.

Companies don’t have to simply recycle their end of use electronics or store them away in a storage closet,  There’s actually an active market of buyers or smaller businesses willing to buy used IT assets companies no longer have use for. With IT asset liquidation, you can increase your return on investment and use this money to buy better assets.

At Surplus Technology Solutions , we’ve been helping corporations sell their used IT equipment for years, give us a call today and turn your unwanted electronics into cash value.

IT Assets for Liquidation

Almost any type of IT asset can be marketed for resale, and at Ex-It Technologies, we facilitate the sale of a variety of assets, including:

  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Laptops
  • Servers & Switches
  • Telephone Systems
  • APC Symmetra Equipment
  • Printers
  • Copy Machines
  • Security Systems
  • Liebert Air Conditioning
  • Network Equipment

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